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Bright Eyes Daycare & Early Learning Center nutrition starts with a well balanced meal and snack plan that encourages healthy eating at a young age.  WE HAVEN'T SERVED A HOT DOG (any shape or form) SINCE OPENING! Meals are lovingly prepared onsite by our cook. For our snacks, they are carefully chosen with the goal of eliminating (or at least greatly minimizing) the amount of corn syrup, food dyes and food additives. We also believe that the lesser the amount of ingredients that goes into a snack, the better!

During meals and snacks, children experience proper table manners and mealtime etiquette. They learn about good nutrition and portion sizes.  Trying new foods is encouraged. All ages, except for infants, eat in the cafeteria instead of consuming food among distractions like their favorite toys. And in preschool, the teachers sit and eat the same meal (and portions) with the kids to help facilitate conversations.


We're proud to support a more sustainable and healthy future for our children.  As result of our views, and the beliefs of most of our enrolled families, we serve Burbach's Countryside Dairy milk (1% and whole) and yogurt.

Burbach’s milk comes from a Hartington, NE.  Burbach’s milk does not get hauled in tankers and does not wait several days to be bottled, but instead their milk is delivered to Bright Eyes within 24-26 hours of being produced. The glass bottles their milk comes in helps preserve the fresh taste and keeps it colder. Unlike paper cartons and plastic, glass imparts no foreign flavor or odors.  Burbach’s milk is also produced without the use of artificial hormones. The children can taste the difference and they LOVE it! Click HERE for a list of locations to purchase Burbach's products.

Dietary Needs

Dietary Needs

Dietary Needs


Parents must notify Bright Eyes Daycare of any dietary restrictions.  Reasonable accommodations are made for snacks as it pertains to allergies.  For lunches, parents are required to provide a cold-lunch if our scheduled meal conflicts with their child's dietary needs.


Dietary Needs

Dietary Needs


Infants are held while bottle-feeding (NO "bottle propping").  Parents must provide formula and baby food until their child is ready for whole (or 1%) milk and / or water and food solids. Bright Eyes Daycare encourages breast-feeding and has appropriate refrigeration / freezer accommodations. Mom is welcome to visit anytime for that special bond that only breast-feeding can provide.

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